Artist Statement

3 May, 2021 Pete Borsay Artist Statement Making art, specifically printed matter, is incredibly satisfying. Whether I’m screenprinting or investigating the digital process, I find the work fulfilling in a way that other experiences are not. Investing time and effort in these creative activities is my livelihood and primary occupation. Experimentation and intuition are partContinue reading “Artist Statement”

Legitimo – SOLD

The Solutus and Legitimo prints represent an attempt to move away from ideas about myth and literature and consider ideas of disorder and questioning the need for structure. While the subject matter seems to subvert organization and symmetry, the line, shape and color are applied specifically with an awareness of how these elements interact on the picture plane. TheContinue reading “Legitimo – SOLD”

Praxis Fabulum

The Praxis series marks an increased satisfaction and confidence with digital printmaking techniques. Printed at a larger scale than the previous series, they also represent a culmination of the ideas and inspirations that make up the entire body of work. The realization of the digital matrix and use of techniques that offer control and accuracy have nowContinue reading “Praxis Fabulum”