Out with the old, in with the new…

At the end of 2022 I moved out of the studio space in the old Carter Building downtown. It was nice to work in that space and I appreciate all the artists and patrons. With the building under new owners and the future uncertain we decided it was time to remodel the garage and set up at home. I’m working on new things and I don’t plan to stop printing, I just won’t be working out of the Carter Building anymore. I ‘m still teaching and looking at new opportunities like gallery space and exhibitions. I’m expecting that 2023 will have more in the way of good than bad. Of course if you like what I do and want to purchase some work you can buy through the website or contact me at pete@red-rabbit-prints.com

Published by BZOOKA PRINT

Artist and Printmaker, image enthusiast, husband, coffee drinker, cynic, observer, rinsemaster, movie watcher, studio manager, cat wrangler, construction worker, teacher, student, veteran of foreign wars, free thinker, daydreamer, United States Marine Assaultman - last of the 0351's.

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