Praximus Imprimo

Praximus Imprimo is another made up title… well, sort of. Imprimo is Latin for ‘I print, imprint or press into.’ The word praxis means ‘action’ or ‘to practice’. Praximus Imprimo could be the name for a fictional hero in a myth or could simply stand for ‘I practice printing.’

To create this print I used the image of the face and neck from the Thinking and Dreaming print. The face is more distorted and obscure, but it’s still there, hidden behind layers of non-representational shapes. There is a sense of kinetic activity as jagged shapes provide a sense of movement throughout the composition. The right side of the face looks as if it’s being filled or taken over by curvilinear lines and bright colors. And yet there is no expression on the face itself. This can be viewed as the concepts of anxiety and uncertainty combined with accuracy and control flowing in, around and through the central figure.

Published by BZOOKA PRINT

Artist and Printmaker, image enthusiast, husband, coffee drinker, cynic, observer, rinsemaster, movie watcher, studio manager, cat wrangler, construction worker, teacher, student, veteran of foreign wars, free thinker, daydreamer, United States Marine Assaultman - last of the 0351's.

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