Occulix is the second print from the Laetus series. I repositioned layers and modified shapes for this composition using the digital printmaking techniques I’ve developed: Staring with a pen and ink drawing, I scan the image or take a photograph with a digital camera which is transferred to the computer, adjusted, manipulated and finally printed using archival Epson UltraChrome pigment inks. I use Adobe Illustrator software to create outlines and reposition lines and shapes into separate layers when building the digital matrix. The color palette developed for the series is a combination of modified palettes used in paintings from the middle ages and the prehistoric period.

While I have created several proofs and practice prints, each of the prints in the Laetus series is an individual work and not part of an edition. This means that there is only one of each print with no intention of reproducing the image in multiples. That specific decision to create one original print aims to create a clear separation between my digital printmaking practice and that of fine art reproduction printing.

Published by BZOOKA PRINT

Artist and Printmaker, image enthusiast, husband, coffee drinker, cynic, observer, rinsemaster, movie watcher, studio manager, cat wrangler, construction worker, teacher, student, veteran of foreign wars, free thinker, daydreamer, United States Marine Assaultman - last of the 0351's.

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