Praxis Fabulum

The Praxis series marks an increased satisfaction and confidence with digital printmaking techniques. Printed at a larger scale than the previous series, they also represent a culmination of the ideas and inspirations that make up the entire body of work. The realization of the digital matrix and use of techniques that offer control and accuracy have nowContinue reading “Praxis Fabulum”

Thinking and Dreaming

Thinking and Dreaming  presents the viewer with a complex combination of colorful layers. As in the previous prints from the Wasteland series, the non-representational shapes appear fractured and make up a loose framework for the rest of the composition. A central image of a human face and neck are created by contrasting the the outlineContinue reading “Thinking and Dreaming”


Reconciliation is an alteration of previous prints and proofsfrom the first state of the Wasteland series. Like Past Impressions, the arrangement of the stained-glass structure is fractured and fragmented. Featured prominently in the central part of the composition the space suit and wings overlap and simultaneously blend in with the non-representational shapes in the sub-layers. The central image of theContinue reading “Reconciliation”

Past Impressions

Past Impressions is the first print in the second state of the Wasteland series and is an alteration of previous prints and digital proofs. The Wasteland series was inspired by faith-based cultural symbols and architectural designs. The idea was to use the inspiring elements of The Waste Land poem by T.S. Eliot, the writing of Joseph Campbell (on myth),Continue reading “Past Impressions”