Reconciliation is an alteration of previous prints and proofsfrom the first state of the Wasteland series. Like Past Impressions, the arrangement of the stained-glass structure is fractured and fragmented. Featured prominently in the central part of the composition the space suit and wings overlap and simultaneously blend in with the non-representational shapes in the sub-layers. The central image of the protective space suit and wings represent self-preservation and desire for autonomy and independence. 

The sheep skeletons and red rabbit shapes are less obscured than other parts of the print, with the open ground between shapes creating a visual space that again suggests a breaking-up of the composition. These symbols meant to represent myth appear to hover above the fractured background. The sheep skeletons at the top of the print represent the impermanence of life and accepting the transient state of existence. These images also serve to reflect the indifferent quality of the natural order and humankind’s inability to control it. The four red rabbits representing imperfection, vulnerability and fortune are doubled from those in Past Impressions. An idea of ‘reconciliation’ from the title is not meant to be easily distilled from the combination of images in the print. The act or process of reconciliation is a common theme in myth and often marks a turning point or change in the cycle of events. Understanding and accepting vulnerability, impermanence and the desire for independence are all part of reconciliation.

Published by BZOOKA PRINT

Artist and Printmaker, image enthusiast, husband, coffee drinker, cynic, observer, rinsemaster, movie watcher, studio manager, cat wrangler, construction worker, teacher, student, veteran of foreign wars, free thinker, daydreamer, United States Marine Assaultman - last of the 0351's.

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